Elections for CAA-GR Board members

According to the CAA-GR constitution members of the CAA-GR Board are elected for a 3 year term with the right to be reelected for a second term. The first 3 year term of the current Board is close to completion and there will be elections for new Board members at the next CAA-GR General Meeting in Siena. Two of the current Board members, Angeliki Chrysanthi (Secretary) and Eleni Kotoula (Treasurer), will not stand for re-election. We would like to thank them for their dedication and contribution to the aims of CAA-GR and for the excellent collaboration in the last three years. The rest of the current Board members have already given notice that will stand for re-election, however, all Board positions will be open to interested eligible candidates. Tasks and responsibilities of the Board The tasks of the Board according to the constitution are: To meet at least once a year during the international annual conference or at any other place convenient to the Board’s members. To ensure, to the best of their ability, that a national conference does take place every two – three years. To arrange to the best of their ability, a peer-reviewed publication of selected papers given at these conferences. The Board members to the best of their ability should pursue participation in the international CAA conferences during their term. One Board member will be designated as the representative of the national Greek chapter to CAA international (ex-officio member of the steering committee of the international CAA). Eligibility Eligible candidates are CAA GR members that in the past have exhibited participation at the CAA International conferences. Nominations Eligible candidates should notify the current members of the Board for their willingness to stand for elections for a position at the Board at least 10 days before the election date. Interested CAA-GR members should submit a candidacy declaration form through the web site of CAA-GR by indicating the position of the Board at which they would like to be elected and uploading a 2-page CV, as well as a photograph. The corresponding form is can be found here. All information on eligible candidates will be made accessible to CAA-GR members via the CAA-GR website.

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