Call for membership of the non profit organization CAA-GR

The call for membership of the Greek Chapter of the international organization “Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology” is now open.

Those interested should submit their application on-line using the relevant e-Form provided on the CAA-GR website. Membership is open to scientists, including students, from the fields of archaeology, social sciences, life sciences, arts, mathematics, information technology, engineers and cultural heritage specialists.

The members of CAA-GR are entitled to join the CAA-GR mailing list and receive administrative and scientific reports and other communications related to CAA-GR. Members have the right to participate in the national conferences and vote in the elections and at the General Meetings (GM) of CAA-GR. Moreover, they are eligible to be elected members of the Board of Directors (BD), provided they have participated in international CAA conferences.

Membership of CAA-GR is free and does not include membership of the international CAA.
You may apply using the relevant e-Form here.

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