Workshop/Special Session on “Remote Sensing and GIS for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage”

Remote Sensing (RS) in its various forms (aerial archaeology, satellite imagery, hyper spectral, LiDAR/ALS, UAVs, Geophysics, etc) has always been adopted from archaeologists world-wide. Archaeological survey is depending on these techniques; nevertheless they cannot reveal all the secrets of what is hidden beneath the soil.

In this session we would like to highlight good practices of RS techniques for archaeology and cultural heritage through case studies from all over Europe (and beyond) making good use of one or more RS techniques. A special focus should be given on the benefit of the combined interpretation of more than one data source.

We would also especially welcome papers that offer new ideas for new techniques (at least in their adaption for archaeology and cultural heritage) which have the potential to address some of the issues that haven’t been solved so far.

Registration – Abstract Submission
Delegates can register and submit their abstracts at the RSCy2015 at the conference website.