CAA-GR 2015 Annual General Meeting – Draft Minutes

The CAA-GR 2015 Annual General meeting has been held on Wednesday, 1st April 2015, 17:00-18:00 at the University of Siena. Draft MinutesCAA-GR Members present: 16Non-members: 3 1. Chairman’s report on CAA-GR actions (events-meetings, publications, finance, number of members, web site visibility)2. CAA-GR AGM Agenda. The constitutional changes proposed were partly accepted.  The changes in the Membership (The constitution of CAA-GR, III, 1) were not accepted.  The proposal for e-voting for the election of the board (The constitution of CAA-GR, V, 4) was accepted. The changes in the eligibility criteria for candidates for the board (The constitution of CAA-GR, V, 4) were not accepted. The proposal for announcement of changes in constitution at the CAA-GR website (The constitution of CAA-GR, VI, 3) was accepted. 3. Other issues discussed: CAA-GR Conference – no official bids yet. Bids are invited for the next conference.  “Mailing list” for the scholars of Eastern Mediterranean zone Enrich the contents of the CAA-GR website E-voting (survey monkey, etc.) You may also download the draft mintes of the CAA-GR 2015 annual general meeting in pdf format.

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